UAE: Operating the Barakah Peaceful Nuclear Energy Plants is a new achievement for the UAE’s journey towards clean, sustainable energy

The Emirates News Agency quoted the statements of His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, regarding the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which highlighted in its latest report the urgent need for the world to accelerate action for climate, in light of the global rise in temperatures, mainly because of carbon emissions, which in turn leads to more challenges and difficult climatic conditions.

 His Excellency added that the transition to environmentally friendly energy sources is one of the best means to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

 He also referred to the statement issued by the Economic Commission for Europe and that it is not possible to achieve the goals related to facing the challenge of climate change globally without relying on clean energy sources such as nuclear energy.

 Al Nuaimi says, “Today, we are proud of our leadership’s keenness to invest in clean and environmentally friendly energy sources for many years ago, to witness a reality, which is the gradual shift towards these environmentally friendly sources.”

 He stressed that the UAE, after the start of the commercial operation of the first plant of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant at the beginning of this year 2021, has become a leading country in the Arab world in the production of peaceful nuclear energy, as the plant works to provide the state with safe, reliable, economic and carbon-free energy, including the provision of electric energy to homes and businesses, to be a great example of sustainable solutions that ensure a better future for current and future generations.


Al-Naimi added, “The environmentally friendly electrical energy produced by the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plants will be able to reduce carbon emissions by 21 million tons annually, to contribute effectively to achieving our goals aimed at reducing the causes of climate change, adapting to its repercussions, and adhering to the 2016 Paris Agreement.”


Al Nuaimi concluded: “Today, with the start-up of the second plant, the UAE is strengthening its ability to produce environmentally friendly electricity to support a sustainable and long-term transformation in energy sources, and to ensure energy security in the country, as reliance on Barakah plants, as one of the environmentally friendly sources of energy, will contribute to alleviating the impact of the repercussions of climate change.