New gas field Discovery in the Egyptian waters of Mediterranean Sea

Egypt has discovered a new offshore natural gas field. The discovery is expected to achieve the second largest natural gas production rate in Egypt, and this makes it second after the giant Zohr field.

 The discovery was made by the Italian company Eni (the operator in the region) and the British company BP (the work contractor). According to a joint statement issued by the Italian and British companies, the initial assessment of the field’s potential indicates reserves of 4 trillion cubic feet of gas.

 The drilling of the Nidoku exploration well NW-1 resulted in the presence of gas-bearing sand with good petrophysical specifications, and it also indicated that the depth of the water in the area is not more than 16 meters, which will facilitate the extraction process. The new field is located in the great Nawras area within the Abu Madi West development concession area in the waters of the Nile Delta off the coast of Egypt. It is 5 km from the coast of the Delta region, and 4 km from the Norous field that was discovered in 2015. The new discovery confirms the presence of large gas reserves in the region, and indicates the expansion of the gas potential to the north of the field.

  The process of developing the Nawras natural gas field is being carried out by two companies, Italian Eni and British BP. Eni owns 75% of the Abu Madi concession in which the field is located, while the BP owns 25% of the area. A statement by the Italian company Eni stated that it will start with its partner BP, in coordination with the Egyptian petroleum sector, to examine the development options for this new discovery. It is noteworthy that the company operating this concession is “Petrobel”, which is a joint venture with equal ownership by IEOC and the Egyptian General Petroleum Authority (EGPA).

 The Mediterranean region accounts for 63% of natural gas production in Egypt, followed by the Nile Delta (19%), and the Western Sahara (18%). About 20 companies operate in this business, including local (Petroel – Khaleda – Pharaonic – Badr El Din – Burullus), and foreign companies such as (Italian Eni – American Apache – BP English – Dutch Shell).