Iraq: Serious directions to expand investment in solar energy projects

In June 2021, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil signed the largest contract for the production of clean energy, with the UAE (Masdar) with the aim of producing 2,000 megawatts of energy, in the center and south of the country.

With the shortage of hours of electric power supply in Iraq, projects to generate electricity from solar energy stand out strongly in the file of electricity production, especially as the government has spent about 80 billion dollars on electricity since the change of the previous regime, without being able to end the crisis that reaches its maximum during summer months.

The Iraqi government is moving towards the exploitation of clean solar energy; In an effort to radically change the nature of the economy and reduce dependence on Iranian gas. Over the past years, Iraq has repeatedly suffered from severe and recurring crises in electric power due to the slowdown in gas imported from Iran.

According to local officials, the new Iraqi trend was strengthened after the neighboring countries summit held last month, where Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi discussed this path with the Egyptian and French presidents, and they welcomed the new approach, in addition to the previous agreement with the UAE in this regard.

The current Iraqi government is convinced of the need to invest in renewable energy projects, especially solar energy, which Iraq has delayed in its field, despite the success of its projects in neighboring Arab countries due to the suitability of the atmosphere for solar projects in addition to the urgent need for them.

The new trend includes strengthening Iraq’s position on the list of countries that adopt renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, and the Iraqi government pre-empted the Baghdad summit by announcing the change of the name of the Ministry of Electricity to become the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy.