Algeria: Directions to benefit from nuclear capabilities, and the signing of an addendum to the natural gas contract with Eni

Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies Shams El Din Chitour and Minister of Energy and Mines Mohamed Arkab called for the urgent implementation of a strategy to increase the contribution of nuclear energy to Algeria’s energy mix, taking into account the requirements of environmental aspects, according to a statement by the Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies.

Mr. Chitour mentioned the most important aspects of the energy situation in Algeria and the dependence of the national economy on fossil fuel energies, saying, “In this case, a profound change must be made in the energy sector, its production and consumption, passing through the basic facilities.”

He explained that it has become a matter of resorting to a greater diversification of clean energy resources that are integrated with each other in order to meet the growing demand for energy.

The minister pointed out that nuclear energy needs a strong governmental commitment and a medium- and long-term strategy for its launch.

On the other hand, the national company Sonatrach signed with Eni in Algiers an “annex” to the contract for the purchase and sale of natural gas signed between the two parties in 1977, on the sidelines of periodic meetings to study projects between Sonatrach and Eni.

These periodic meetings are concerned with reviewing the progress of work related to exploration and production projects, as well as available opportunities at the international level, and renewable energy projects, especially solar energy.

This appendix to the contract for the sale of natural gas sets out the commercial conditions relating to the modalities of supply during the year 2021-2022 and the principles of supplying Eni with additional quantities of gas by Sonatrach for the Italian market.

This amendment also confirms “the commitment of both parties to consolidate their existing relations and to continue their traditional partnership, as both parties highlighted their desire to enhance long-term cooperation between the two companies.”