UAE: The continued growth of ADNOC Logistics and Services is a strong supporter of the energy sector

ADNOC Logistics & Services is currently implementing a major expansion program to increase its fleet size, which will support the ADNOC Group’s ability to ship its growing crude oil production and products to global customers and the transition to trading. The company operates more than 240 vessels and provides integrated and unique logistics solutions and specialized marine services in all sectors of activity of the ADNOC Group.

ADNOC Logistics & Services is the largest integrated marine logistics company in the Middle East. The company provides logistics, shipping and offshore operations, and plays an important role in enabling the oil and gas sector in the UAE, and supporting ADNOC’s goal of maximizing value from every barrel of oil produced, refined and sold. Focusing on three main business segments: Shipping, Integrated Logistics and Marine Services, the company’s shipping arm ensures the reliable supply of crude oil, products, gas and industrial raw materials to more than 50 countries. The integrated logistics unit provides solutions that enable the entire oil and gas supply chain in the UAE, from exploration and production to refining and petrochemicals. The company’s marine services segment provides a full range of port management services across all Abu Dhabi’s petroleum ports, including oil spill response services in the UAE.

By combining its services across these three sectors and leveraging its long experience in providing safe and efficient operations internationally, spanning over four decades, ADNOC Logistics & Services has emerged as a leading provider of integrated shipping and logistics for the energy sector in the Gulf region. The company is currently expanding its operations through a major fleet modernization program, increasing cargo capacity, and introducing growth plans that focus primarily on meeting the needs of its customers within the ADNOC Group and internationally.

The ADNOC Group, a major customer of ADNOC Logistics and Services, expects to increase its crude oil production capacity to more than 5 million barrels of oil per day. In the refining and petrochemical sector, it will also expand refining capacity and petrochemical production, as it works to develop its operations to meet the increasing local and global demand. In addition, the ADNOC Group launched two new trading companies, ADNOC Trading and ADNOC Global Trading.

In 2020 and early 2021, ADNOC Logistics & Services added 20 cargo ships to its fleet, significantly increasing the size of the company’s owned fleet compared to 2019, in addition to contracting five new vessels under construction,and a recently built giant gas tanker. For its joint venture, AW Navigation, 4 bulk carriers and 8 VLCCs have been added to its fleet. By acquiring VLCCs, ADNOC Logistics & Services is entering the crude oil market with its vessels. With the recent acquisitions, the total number of ADNOC Logistics & Services owned cargo ships today reaches 48. With the addition of chartered vessels, the company operates more than 120 cargo ships at any one time.