The world of Green Economy and Renewable energies (Three international events on the agenda for 2022)

Italian Exhibition Group has set the date with the world of Green Economy and renewable energies for 2022, the year in which the new Solar Exhibition and Conference by Key Energy event will also be on the calendar, from 23rd to 25th March 2022, at Rimini Expo Centre.


A three-day event dedicated exclusively to the solar energy industry and its supply chains with an exhibition area, conferences, meetings and debates. The event, with its innovative format, highly focused on the needs of solar companies and communities, will be held in synergy and conjunction with the second edition of FORUMTECH, ITALIA SOLARE’s training and information event organised for 23rd March 2022.


A further two international events are also on the agenda for 2022: CDEPE – Chengdu International Environmental Protection Expo powered by Ecomondo, the largest green technology exhibition in the western Chinese market, to be held from 20th to 22nd May in Chengdu, and Ecomondo Mexico, organized in partnership with Deutsche Messe, from 12th to 14th July 2022 in León.


Back to the renewable energies, it is worthy to refer to the international meeting entitled “Africa Green Growth “, held a few days ago at Rimini Expo Centre and organised by Res4Africa in collaboration with Ecomondo and Key Energy’s technical-scientific committees.


The meeting discussed the urgent need for Africa to foster the development of renewable energies.


Participants included Beatrice Cyiza from the Rwandan Ministry for the Environment, Benattou Ziane from the Algerian Ministry for Energy, and Saïd Mouline from the Moroccan Energy Agency.


Africa has abundant renewable energy resources: bioenergy, hydro-electric power, solar and wind energy account for most of the resources. This potential renewable electricity capacity could generate up to 24 000 TWh of electricity a year: this is almost 90% of the world’s electricity production in 2018 and more than 26 times Africa’s electricity generation. The most advanced areas include North and South Africa, which together account for half of the production total.


Among the most promising countries – it was said – are South Africa and Morocco. But there are also successful case histories in Tunisia and Egypt.  The latter, in particular, has taken a pioneering role in the transition to renewable energies, aiming to reach at least 52% of installed capacity from renewables by 2030. This year, the Moroccan Ministry of Energy signed an agreement with Res4Med to strengthen cooperation on key initiatives, including the promotion of Renewable Energy Certificates, identified by the parties as a priority action to be supported for full development.