The green industry gathered in Rimini – Italy Ecomondo and Key Energy 2021 (focus on global environmental challenges)

“Africa Green Growth”, a networking platform between African institutions and EU green companies, has been inaugurated by IEG’s CEO, Corrado Peraboni; an international perspective of energy cogeneration and sector development in 150 events from 26th to 29th October 2021.


220 operators from countries in Africa, the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan shores, the Balkan Peninsula, Eastern Europe, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, etc., together with associations, institutions, experts, researchers and representatives from the European Commission, has participated in the 24th Ecomondo and 14th Key Energy, two leading European trade shows, organized by IEG – Italian Exhibition Group, dedicated to international green economy and renewable energy business development with over 1,000 brands filling the Rimini Expo Centre.


The programme included a packed series of international events organised by the Ecomondo and Key Energy Technical-Scientific Committees, led by professors Fabio Fava and Gianni Silvestrini.

At Key Energy, the international conference on “Cogeneration in the energy transition”, organised by Cogen Europe and Italcogen, attended by Marco Pezzaglia, President of Cogen Europe, Hans Kortweg, Managing Director of Cogen Europe, Alexandra Tudoroiu-Lakavičė, head of policy at Cogen Europe, Jesse Scharf, Vice President of ERGAR (European Renewable Gas Registry), and Carlo Pieroni, Regatrace Project – Consorzio Italiano Biogas.

Programmes of the events: