The Declaration in Tripoli on the establishment of the “Libyan Council for Oil and Gas” February the 14th, 2013

The establishment of the Libyan Council for Oil and Gas was announced on Thursday morning in Tripoli, which “is concerned with the provision of oil and gas industry services in Libya.’

The Council aims at supporting and encouraging the Libyan companies and the joint ones working in the field of energy together with enabling the private sector to contribute to finding a solution to the obstacles and overcoming the hurdles faced by the oil and gas sector.

The Council will present investment guarantees to companies and businessmen inside and outside the country in all related activities in accordance with the international legislations and agreements in force. The Council intends to establish a charitable fund to support the civil society foundations, and strengthen cooperation with councils and unions in different countries. The declaration ceremony – held in Corntia Hotel in Tripoli – was attended by the Second Deputy of the General National Conference Chairman Dr. “Saleh Al Makhzom”, the Energy Committee Chairman in the General National Conference Mr. “Othman Abed Mazkoor”, the Energy Committee Chairman of the Cabinet Mr. “Mohamed Ali Belhaj,” and the Chairman of the Libyan Council for Oil and Gas Engineer “Khalid bin Othman.”

It is noted that the Libyan Council for Oil and Gas includes more than (122) local companies specialized in the areas of oil and gas industry services, consultancy and training.