Kuwait Oil Company to cut production by 646 thousand barrels per day to implement its share of the (OPEC+)

Kuwait Oil Company is developing a plan to implement OPEC’s new decision by cutting Kuwait oil production by 646 thousand barrels per day in order to reduce the world oil glut in the market and to...

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Chevron expects to restore production of the neutral zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia within 12 months

After four and a half years, the Wafra oil field is set to resume production soon. Ed Colina, Chevron Operations Advisor, speaking at a technical session at the International Petroleum Technology...

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Saudi Arabia and Kuwait agree to restore shared Oil Production in Neutral Zone

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia agree to stop the political dispute related to oil production from the fields of the Neutral Zone, which lasted for five years, and the agreements paved for the resumption of...

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