Strategic Partnership between Chemikuwait and Halliburton

Eng. Alaa Hassan, CEO of Chemikuwait for Chemical Industries (CKCI), has expressed her satisfaction at announcing a major achievement by the company. A strategic agreement was signed with Halliburton Overseas Ltd, one of the major companies in oil and gas service sector.

This agreement signals a strategic relationship between the two companies to manufacture specialty chemicals that are essential in the oil and gas upstream industry.

Using the latest Halliburton technologies, CKCI has already established the special units necessary to produce some of these chemical components and materials.

For its part, CKCI sees this welcomed relationship as a new important development for the advancement of the oil sector and general industries. Eng.  Hassan believes that this agreement is a step in the right direction to building a successful industrial base for Kuwait. It will advance the local economy and help improve the chances of diversifying the economy of Kuwait, as per the national plan.

This agreement between the two parties was developed in order to safeguard the availability of these materials throughout the process of manufacturing, and to mitigate difficulties that may arise because of shipping or any other problems.

Eng. Hassan believes that this association between Kuwaiti factories and international establishments can only lead to the mutual success of both parties, and the state of Kuwait in particular.

Senior Executive Vice president of Chemikuwait for chemical Industries Eng. Ahmad Dashti added that the decision to align with one of the major companies in the energy domain like Halliburton came in order to use the best technologies and materials available.

Eng. Dashti noted that this comes from our duty in the industrial sector to support the oil sector, as it forms the basis of the economy in the state of Kuwait, and permanence and continuity of the supply of these materials without interruption.

This effort will lead to the enhancement and stability of the national products supply for businesses and projects being provided at the right time.

By reference to the vision of his Highness the Amir ‘May God bless and protect him’, and with His Highness’s directions to continue to participate in economic development towards future prospects. Knowing the importance of this vision we are hoping to look to the future with all its hopes and aspirations.

We at CKCI are keen to develop this special field of chemical industries and hope to grow and expand the interest of the country, industrial sector and oil sector alike.