Saudi Aramco launches AI Global Corridor project

The CEO of Saudi Aramco, Eng. Amin Al-Nasser, announced a strategic project called the Global Corridor of Artificial Intelligence to support a new generation of Saudi startups in this sector.

This came during the deliberations of the World Summit on Artificial Intelligence in its second edition, which was held during the period from 13-16 September 2022 at the headquarters of the King Abdulaziz International Conference Center in Riyadh under the slogan “Artificial Intelligence for the Good of Humanity”, in the presence of more than 10 thousand people and 200 speakers from 90 countries.

The CEO of Saudi Aramco, in his speech during the second World Summit on Artificial Intelligence, said that cyber-attacks are one of the biggest risks facing Aramco. Al-Nasser added that cyber-attacks are like natural disasters.

He explained that while these attacks are increasing in size and severity, artificial intelligence is helping us fend off some of these threats.

Through this summit, organized by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), the Kingdom seeks to achieve its aspirations for global leadership through a data-based economy and artificial intelligence, and to emphasize the importance of international cooperation for the use of artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity, within the framework of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and achieving the goals of sustainable development endorsed by the United Nations to 2030.