SASREF Launches Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Unit

SASREF is a joint venture export refinery owned 50-50 by Saudi Aramco and Shell. It operates a 305,000-bpd refinery in the industrial city of Jubail on the Arabian Gulf. Its main products are chemical feed naphtha, dual purpose kerosene, ultra-low sulfur diesel, fuel oil and LPG, with the main export destination to Asia.

Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co. (SASREF) took a step into the future with the inauguration of its Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Unit at the refinery in Jubail. The new line has started commercial production of about 100,000 barrels per day of low-sulfur diesel fuel with less than 10 parts per million sulfur content.

“The start of the Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Unit reinforces our strategy to keep pace with future trends and comply with environmental and marketing requirements, which will help SASREF to maintain its competitiveness as one of the leading refineries in the Middle East and Asia,” said SASREF president Abdulhakim A. Al-Gouhi, adding that the new unit reduces sulfur emissions for a cleaner environment and also meets the high-standard diesel specifications of Europe.

Joining Al-Gouhi were Saudi Aramco president and CEO Khalid A. Al-Falih, and Saudi Aramco senior vice presidents Khalid G. Al-Buainain and Abdulrahman F. Al-Wuhaib. Shell International Downstream executive director Mark Williams also attended.