Qatar delays the Russian Yamal project for LNG

The Qatari Energy Minister Mohammed Al Sada had said in late 2011 that Qatar – the largest LNG producer in the world – is interested in participating in the project whose developers (Novatech and Total) hope that the LNG production will start from the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic in 2016.


But it seems that Qatar – which established itself in selling the LNG from the largest gas field in the world in the waters of the Gulf – has been sluggish in the Yamal project. An executive officer has recently announced at the International Qatari Petroleum Company that Qatar postponed the negotiations regarding its participation in a LNG project in the Arctic whose development is shouldered by the Russian Novatec Company for Gas Production.


Ahmed Abdul Qader Al-Ahmad – the executive director of exploration and production operations in the International Qatari Petroleum Company – says “We – in the International Qatari Petroleum Company – look at opportunities on the basis of each individual opportunity. Yamal is one of these opportunities.” He said that the company “froze but did not cancel” the idea of ​​buying a stake in Yamal.

Source: Reuters