Oman’s daily oil production exceeded 1 MMbopd for first time

Oman succeeded reversing its oil output decline in 2008 by making new discoveries and using technology to improve recovery of oil from aging fields. Production increased from 710,000 b/d in 2007 to 960,000 b/d in 2014 and to about 1 million b/d in July 2015.


According to the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Oman’s daily crude oil output exceeded 1mn barrels per day (including about 0.1 million b/d of oil condensates), which is the highest oil production level in the Sultanate’s history.


Oman is the biggest oil producer in the Middle East outside OPEC. Its total production in 2014 stood at 344mn barrels, of which 312.1mn were crude oil and 31.8mn were oil condensates. The Omani oil exports goes to Asian countries mainly china (70%) and Japan (15%).