Minister of Petroleum and US channel: the export of gas increases the strength of Egypt’s foreign policy

US channel CNBC said that Cairo is expected to become a gas exporter by the end of 2019, and the country has witnessed widespread interest in inspiring natural gas, especially after the success of the ZOHR field.

US economic channel indicated that the energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie described this stunning renaissance of Egypt in the field of gas, estimated that the current fields in the reserves of 61 trillion cubic meters, with the expectations of the discovery of 45 trillion cubic meters other.

In an interview with the Minister of Petroleum Tariq Al-Mulla, he said that Egypt’s goal of becoming a gas exporter by the end of this year will strengthen it politically, stressing the growth opportunities generated by the recently launched East Mediterranean Gas Forum.

In an interview at the World Economic Forum for the Mediterranean and North Africa in Amman, Jordan, Mullah said it is undeniable that if we can have our own energy, this will give us some – not independence – but let’s say some Strength and advantage.

Mullah stressed that the fate of each country in its own hand, but depends on what it has, even if we have the resources, we can play smart, and of course will be a tool or card can play in politics certainly.

He continued; When we talk about a gas forum of the Eastern Mediterranean, we say that we will form together the energy axis, because Egypt will never be able to be the axis (alone), but it will be as well as with neighboring countries and allies and partners, we complement each other in this area.


Sara Wahba