Libyan Oil Corporation announces the state of force majeure in Sharara field

The Libyan National Oil Corporation announced in a statement some days ago the status of force majeure and stopped shipments of crude oil in the port of Zawiya late, after the production of the field of Sharara , the largest oil fields in the country, after closing because of the closure one of valves .

The strategic field has been the target of numerous closures in recent years, whether by protesters or armed groups.

The company said in a statement that the shipment of crude oil to the port of Zawia, located 49 kilometers west of Tripoli, has stopped as a result of the closure.


The closure caused a loss of about 290,000 barrels of daily production estimated at about $ 19 million a day.

An official with the National Corporation told Reuters that crude production in Libya fell to just over a million barrels per day.

The closure of the Sharara did not affect the nearby Alfeel oil field.

The National Corporation said in a statement that the State Treasury will be held to secure the needs of the domestic market of fuel as a result of continued downturn.

“Such deliberate attempts to sabotage pipelines and disrupt oil operations not only harmful to national revenues, but are also hampering the supply of Libyan electricity to Libyan citizens”” the statement said”.