Libya to produce 1.3 million b/d approaching the pre revolution level

The Chairman of the Petroleum Corporation Mustafa Sanallah, stressed the need for Libya’s national investment in the oil sector to maintain the current production and provide increased production in coming years.

The head of the Libyan parliament, Aqeela Saleh, acknowledged the attempts made by the parliamentary government to sell oil, but this was not possible because the international community opposed those attempts.

Hifter’s forces control most of the important oil fields and ports, especially in the oil crescent area at the same time, where the international community only recognizes the authority of the oil company based in the capital to sell oil, and proceeds to the Central Bank in Tripoli.

That is why the Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation called last month for the need to dissolve the parallel institution east of the country, which is trying to steal and market oil at low prices.

Libya’s oil production reached 1.3 million barrels per day last month, with plans to raise it to 1.6 million barrels produced by the country before 2011.

Meanwhile, a UN support mission confirmed that it was pursuing attempts to export Libyan oil illegally. It stressed that “NOC is the only internationally recognized entity authorized to sell Libyan oil and is closely following attempts to export oil outside NOC, in violation of Security Council resolutions.