Libya – The new directions of the Ministry of Oil and Gas in Libya

The Libyan Minister of Oil and Gas, Mohamed Aoun, who was installed as the first oil minister in Libya since 2014, explained the new directions of his ministry as follows:
Financial allocations for oil sector activities will be sufficient to cover the sector’s requirements until the end of 2021.
The Ministry of Oil and Gas and the National Oil Corporation will do their utmost to maintain the country’s increased production of oil and gas and support exploration, development and sustainable development projects in various offshore and onshore areas.
The Ministry of Oil, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, are working together to combat environmental pollution at oil sites and ports, with the aim of reducing the bad effects of gaseous emissions in all locations of the country.
The Ministry of Oil will work to raise the level of youth, support them to develop the areas surrounding the oil sites.
Giving all thanks to the Petroleum Facilities Guard for its role in securing the site of the National Oil Corporation in Tripoli, the sites, fields, platforms and seaports, and all the workers in the oil sites for their wonderful efforts during the past years and enduring difficulties and hardships in order to maintain production levels even in the darkest conditions the country faced.
Libya’s pride in its membership in OPEC and the (OPEC+) alliance, and officials in Libya appreciate the organization’s decisions that take into account the exceptional circumstances of Libya, and the organization’s agreement to exclude Libya from participating in the agreed cuts.