Kuwait Oil Company achieves three new oil discoveries

According to what was published by the Kuwait News Agency, the Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water in the State of Kuwait, Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris, announced two new oil discoveries for the Kuwait Oil Company in the north of the country, in addition to a new discovery in the large field of Burgan.

The Kuwaiti Oil Minister stated that “the first discovery was made in the (Houma) field, which is located in the northwestern part of Kuwait, which was recently surveyed using the 3D seismic survey technique. The results of the initial evaluation after drilling a well (Houma-1) showed that the area of ​​the field is estimated at 70 square kilometers. From the Jurassic reservoir, with a production capacity of 1452 barrels of light oil per day.

Al-Faris added that this discovery has great economic importance, as it sheds light on the large undiscovered areas in the western and northwestern parts of Kuwait, which contribute directly to increasing oil reserves and production capacity according to the Kuwait Oil Company’s 2040 strategic plan.

The second discovery was made in the Al-Qasha’aniya field in northern Kuwait near the Rawdatain and Sabriya fields in the Jurassic reservoir, where the preliminary results after drilling a well (Qashaniya-1) resulted in the discovery of light oil in commercial quantities by 1819 barrels per day with a specific weight of 49 API) and associated gas at 2.78 million cubic feet per day.

The Kuwaiti minister emphasized that the two new discoveries add strategic importance to the northern part of the country, given that the area has not been explored before.

Al-Faris added that conventional oil was also discovered in the north of the large Burgan field in the reservoirs of Wara, Mawdud and Burqan, as oil flowed in commercial quantities from several wells that were drilled in 2020 to determine the extent of the field at a daily production rate of more than 2000 barrels, which paves the way for adding more reserves to Kuwait.

He praised the success of the Kuwait Oil Company in achieving these three discoveries in the year 2020, stressing the ability of the oil sector to withstand and to proceed in the circumstances of the spread of the Corona pandemic.