Iraqi Oil Ministry Oil Training Institute – Baghdad


The curriculum given to the students is decided by specialized committees of the Institute, relevant oil companies and some participants from the universities of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Institute offers a technical diploma certificate which is recognized by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Studying in the Institute is mostly in English.

800 square meters

This year the Institute began implementing the electronic learning, where it was agreed with one of the global companies and with direct support from the Ministry on providing the Institute with computers and project networks, followed by multidisciplinary scientific topics relevant to oil industry and from which the employee at all levels benefits in the oil field as well as some topics of interest to students. It is a huge project achieved for the first time in the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

Moreover, the Institute management is now finalizing the project of granting IWCF certificate to the diggers, where whatever of those of diggers can obtain this certificate in order to be able to work with foreign companies with confidence (God willing) after passing special tests set by the Institute.
The Institute is working to create a project of granting authorization in engineering examination of both types so our (engineering examiners) will be able to get this authorization through an agreement with a relevant serious international company (our next project God willing).

There is another objective of the Institute, namely making developmental and rehabilitating courses in various subjects and disciplines to all members of oil companies and departments according to the latest scientific developments, according to a rate of more than 100 courses attended by 1000 participants per year.

Besides, the implementation of a two months’ program for the former employees has started two years ago together with another one month program for new staff in order to educate them in the administrative, legal, financial, moral and technical fields

It remains to clarify that most of our working staff are from top-notch engineers who are placed in the actual working sites such as drilling and extraction fields for two years before starting at the institute, so as to have a full concept of the subjects which they will teach to the students or in the developmental courses.

We derive help and success from God Almighty and the experience of our responsible teachers in the Ministry aiming at completing our projects to meet the needs of the oil sites and their staff.
The Institute Director

Engineer Ihsan Reda