Iraq: The Ministry of Oil expects the gas platform to be ready for operation within the next two years

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced the imminent launch of the liquefied gas import platform, which will begin operating within two years. The platform will provide great flexibility in negotiating and obtaining liquefied gas at reasonable prices.

Prime Minister Mohamed Al-Sudani had previously approved a project to establish a fixed and permanent platform to receive gas from neighboring countries.

The platform will be established in the large port of Al-Faw to receive liquefied gas imported from all countries of the world. It is expected that this gas will be used to provide the needs of electricity networks. This will increase energy production and provide fuel to strengthen the industrial and agricultural sectors. The liquefied gas will also be used to feed cement and brick factories, petrochemical and fertilizer industries.

The government is making unremitting efforts to meet the country’s fuel needs, and the current year 2024 is expected to witness important achievements in the field of gas exploitation. It is expected that the associated gas investment will contribute to obtaining 500 million standard cubic feet as a first stage.

Expectations indicate that the production of the Halfaya gas complex will increase by about 300 million standard cubic feet in the next two months, and that the production of the Nasiriyah and Al-Gharraf complex will reach 67 million standard cubic feet, while the Al-Fayhaa complex in Basra will produce 130 million standard cubic feet per day. These developments will contribute to increasing the rate of gas exploitation in Iraq by up to 50% during this year.