Iraq: Government plans to develop five oil fields in Maysan Governorate

Maysan Oil Company announced that it has achieved advanced rates of completion in the Halfaya field gas processing project, while indicating that there are government plans to develop five fields in the governorate.

The company said that the completion rates in the Halfaya gas processing project reached 65%. The project contains two units, each with a capacity of 150 million standard cubic feet, and is carried out by the Chinese company Petro-china (the operator of the Halfaya field) and under the supervision and follow-up of the cadres of the Maysan Oil Company.

The project is desalinating and drying the associated gas and then separating its basic components to obtain dry gas that is used in the operation of electric power plants.

Through this project, liquid gas will be produced with a capacity of (2000 – 2500) tons per day for domestic use and for cars operating with gas systems. It is hoped that the quantities of liquid gas will cover the needs of the province, and the surplus quantities will be exported.

There are future plans to expand the project and add new processing units to invest all quantities of gas in the long term so that the project absorbs the surplus gas produced from the Maysan fields (Bazarkan, Fakka, and Abu Gharb) in addition to the national effort fields (Al-Amarah, Nour).

The “Maysan Oil Company” is currently processing raw gas to operate the electric power plants in Al-Kahla and Bazarkan