Iraq denies excluding Exxon Mobil from a huge oil agreement

According to Reuters, Iraq’s oil ministry said it was still in talks with US giant Exxon Mobil on a huge deal to improve Iraq’s oil infrastructure.

The ministry said its agreement with BP and Italy’s Eni is not part of the $ 53 billion southern Iraq project for 30 years, but it pertain the supply of materials for two offshore oil pipelines for export across the Gulf.

 Iraq is close to reaching an agreement with BP and Eni on an export pipeline project that was initially expected to be part of the huge deal with Exxon Mobil.

The ministry confirms the continuation of negotiations with the US company Exxon Mobil. The statement added that “the absence of an agreement or the conclusion of a contract between the parties, does not mean the end of negotiations or the exclusion of Exxon Mobil from the project.

The integrated South project includes a number of projects including the development of two oil fields and the expansion of storage, transportation and export, as well as the construction of two units for the processing and manufacture of gas.