IP project nearing reality, Iran targeting LNG exports

Chairman of Pakistan’s United International Group Mian Shahid has said that gas import from Iran is going to become a reality twenty years after Pakistan and Iran signed pipeline deal.

The project has important political and economic dimensions for the two neighboring countries, Shahid said.
He said that the pipeline project, if materialized, could be extended to India and China providing extra income to Pakistan under transit head while Iran could also provide LNG at economical rates.
Managing director of the National Iranian Gas Exports Company, Ali-Reza Kameli said gas exports to countries in the region are in Iran’s priority.
“High gas exports costs along with low-price gas in Europe have caused Iran to prioritize gas exports to regional countries,” Ali-Reza Kameli said.
He, however, said Iran’s gas exports would not be limited to the countries in the region. He added that Iran would “eye different markets” for its gas exports.
Kameli said Iran can deliver gas to its neighbors through 200-km pipeline while it would need 4,000-km pipeline for gas exports to Europe.
He also said that Iran would consider exporting liquefied natural gas in the long-term.

Source: LNG worldnews.com