Increasing “Bahrainisation” operations in the Bahraini oil sector


Bahrainis account for 80% of employees in companies run by the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA). Oil Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa confirms that Bapco’s Emiratization rate is 84%, reinforcing Bahrainisation plans for new energy projects. The minister disclosed the statistics during a meeting with a Bahraini committee in parliament, headed by MP Ibrahim Khaled Al-Nafi.
According to Zawya website, New energy projects in NOGA are expected to create around 500 jobs for Bahraini job seekers. “The ministry has pledged to raise the rate of Bahrainisation at GPIC to 95% by 2021,” Al Nafea said.
NOGA signed an exploration and production sharing agreement with the Italian oil and gas company ENI. The environmental issues related to the deal were of great interest in the meeting of the Finance and Economic Committee of the Parliament. In attending of the minster and Muhammad Bin Dina, CEO of the Supreme Council for the Environment. And in order to avoid negative environmental impacts, MP Ahmed Salloum, Chairman of the Committee explained the need to supervise the project and the appointment of a specialized consulting company.
“The Bahrainis will be trained to enhance their employability in oil exploration,” Salloum said, noting that upstream operations would require experts and specialists. He stressed the importance of the project, whose profits will revitalize the national economy, stimulate growth, create jobs for Bahrainis and contribute to enhancing financial balance.