Greece finds a huge gas field off the coast of Israel

 Greek energy company Energien said it has made a huge discovery of between 28 and 42 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the North Carish field off the northwestern coast of Israel.

 The discovery is located not far from the company’s floating storage and unloading unit, which targets a total export capacity of 8 billion cubic meters per year.


 Energian has already sold some of the gas in advance to Israel’s independent energy producer IPM Bear Tovia in a 19-year deal that will give Energian $ 900 million.


 It is planned to deepen drilling in the three major development wells of the field to explore more resources.


 The development of Energian, listed in London and Tel Aviv, the gas fields of Karish and Tanin for natural gas, also has works in the Greek and Adriatic