Gazprom gas deliveries up in 2016

Gazprom’s gas transports to European countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States were up 33.5% year-on-year during the first few weeks of 2016, the company announced

In total, 36.5 bcm (1.3 tcf) was supplied during the January 1-March 15 period, according to preliminary data released by Gazprom. Supplies to Germany stood out, having increased by 37% to 9.9 bcm (350 bcf) during the mentioned period. Volumes to the country in 2015 were up by 17.1%. Of all western and central European deliveries in 2015, the biggest increase was recorded in volumes to France, which showed a 36.8% rise.

Gas supplies to Europe last year totaled 159.4 bcm (5.6 tcf), an increase of 8% over 2014. According to Chairman of Gazprom Board of Directors Viktor Zubko, deliveries are expected to reach 160 bcm (5.65 tcf) in 2016.

Source: The Oil & Gas Year