Free Online Course in Oil & Gas Industry Operations and Markets

The oil and gas industry has a huge impact on all aspects of daily life, as individuals, companies, and national governments make financial and political decisions based on the cost, availability, and use of both oil and gas.
Therefore, this two-week course addresses the most important aspects of the oil and gas industry, in terms of their operations and markets, as each of them is addressed as a separate unit in the course.
In the Operations Unit, the course provides an overview of oil and gas production, from initial exploration to final transportation. The second unit focuses on the forces driving industry operations and the oil and gas markets, including the cost of wells, seasonal impacts on prices and the role of oil reserves.
This course is offered completely free of charge by Duke University through Coursera, the most popular course on the Internet. The course is always open, you can start any day, and course attendees can obtain a course completion certificate for a small sum of money, or simply attend the course without certification, completely free of charge.
After each lesson, course participants will undergo short tests, to test their understanding of the lessons, and they can participate in discussions about global markets with the rest of the course or course sponsors, and complete a final project at the end of the course.
Those wishing to join this course can apply from here.