EU outlines energy diversity strategy as following:

The commissioner in charge of energy – EU
– A diverse source of energy, from Caspian to potential North American sources, is needed for European security.
– The European energy security and Ukrainian reforms goes parallel as the European economy gets about a quarter of its natural gas needs from Russia, mostly though the Soviet-era transit network in Ukraine.
– It is a common interest for both Ukraine and the EU to ensure Ukraine has a modern and functioning energy infrastructure.
– I remain convinced that Ukraine will and should continue to play an important role in ensuring Europe’s energy security as a transit country.
– Until we reach the day when we can rely more on renewables, we also need to diversify our suppliers of traditional energy sources.
– Azerbaijan is expected to emerge as a major player in the European gas sector once a series of new pipelines from the Caspian Sea start operations before the decade ends.
– Pro-trade lawmakers in the United States said a trans-Atlantic partnership agreement would bring more shale gas to European borders.