Emirates: The increase in energy demand in Dubai confirms the recovery of various activities in the emirate

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, announced that the demand for energy and peak load in the Emirate of Dubai has increased by about 10%, from the beginning of this year until the end of May 2021, compared to the same period last year 2020 (according to Emirates News Agency).

The demand for energy in the first five months of this year rose to 16,467 gigawatt-hours, compared to 14,988 gigawatt-hours for the same period last year, or 10%, while the peak load of electricity in the Emirate of Dubai during the same period rose to 7,966 megawatts, or 10%.

His Excellency said, “The rise in demand for energy and the peak load in Dubai indicate economic recovery and the recovery of various vital activities in the emirate, and the progression towards enhancing economic prosperity and a decent living for all citizens and residents in the country. He stressed that we will continue to work to raise the production capacity of electricity and water, as well as the ability to transmission and distribution networks in line with the expansion of urban and economic areas in Dubai. The production capacity of the Authority is 12900 megawatts of electricity and 490 million gallons of desalinated water per day.

He added that the authority is considered one of the best similar institutions in the world, and has even surpassed the elite European and American companies in efficiency and reliability, represented in reducing losses in electricity transmission and distribution networks to 3.3%, compared to 6-7% in Europe and the United States of America.

The percentage of losses in water networks decreased to about 5.1% compared to 15% in North America, and the authority achieved a new world record in the average electricity outage per subscriber, where it recorded an average of 1.66 minutes of interruption per subscriber per year, compared to 15 minutes at the largest electricity companies in Europe Union countries.