Egypt : serious steps for the electrical connection with neighboring countries

Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly affirmed that his country has set a national goal to transform into a central hub for energy trade and circulation, through its national project to transform into a regional center for oil and gas trade and circulation.

A few days ago, Madbouly said in his opening speech at the fourth annual “Al-Ahram Energy Conference” that Egypt had recently succeeded in achieving self-sufficiency in gas and returning to export. The petroleum sector has also made great achievements locally and internationally.

 Egypt also participates in all regional electrical interconnection projects, and it is now connected electrically with the neighboring countries “Jordan, Libya and Sudan”, and plans to raise the capacity of electrical interconnection with the neighboring East and West countries.

Madbouly indicated that Egypt would go ahead with projects to connect electricity with Iraq through Jordan, and with Saudi Arabia as a gateway to link Egypt with the Gulf countries and Asia, and with Cyprus and Greece, so that Egypt would become an energy bridge between Africa and Europe.

Egypt is working hard towards promoting electrical interconnection projects, which plays an important role in enhancing energy security and increasing the use of renewable energy in the medium and long term.