Egypt For the first time in Egypt … a digital portal for exploration and production to attract oil and gas investments

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum, explained that the “EUG” project represents a modern qualitative leap in the mechanisms of marketing petroleum investment opportunities. The project relies on establishing an integrated digital portal for research, exploration and production activity for petroleum and gas resources in cooperation with Schlumberger International.

 The portal includes technical data that attract international investments in the fields of research and exploration, and includes an explanation of the global opportunities and auctions that the oil sector will offer to investors during the coming period to search for new promising areas. Preparations are underway to launch this portal during the coming period, before the end of the year, and to put all new international auctions through it.

 The project depends on creating the information infrastructure and digitizing data by re-converting all old technical data from paper form or old storage media that are not commensurate with technological development to the modern digital platform using the latest technologies to continuously save and secure data>

 The digital portal also facilitates the process of purchasing packages of technical data for each region through it without the need for companies to come to Egypt, leading to a speedy completion of procedures for investment in the field of exploration and providing the opportunity for the largest number of international companies to obtain data packages and apply for petroleum auctions.