Over 5,000 business opportunities generated in the two weeks’ activity on the Italian Exhibition Group’s digital platform. 73,000 views of the profiles of the 400 companies actively using the digital space
With a view to returning to a live expo in Rimini, the circular bioeconomy and renewable energy expos confirm their roles as multipliers of business and knowledge 

Rimini (Italy), 16th November 2020 – Ecomondo and Key Energy Digital Edition 2020 a valid driving force for business and qualified networking on new models of sustainable development and on climate changes. Awaiting to return live in November 2021 to Rimini (Italy), the Italian Exhibition Group expos were in fact held on an online platform from 3rd to 15th November, providing a really rapid response to the limitations caused by the fight against the pandemic decided by the government just a few days before their opening. There were 400 active companies out of a total of 735 on the platform. Over 5,000 business opportunities were generated during the activities. An overall total of 73,479 views of the exhibitors’ pages, with over 21,000 users during the expos. Lastly, a total of 33,897 participants took part in the conferences. The media audience was excellent: so far, for Ecomondo and Key Energy Digital Edition, there have been 5,620 press and web reports, 109 on TV and radio, with a gross total of 416,873,154 contacts reached. Foreign media reports rose to 470.

Exhibitors’ loyalty launches the expos towards the eagerly awaited live edition in 2021 with an extra instrument. In fact, Italian Exhibition Group will reactivate the digital platform on the occasion of the most significant national and international appointments with the Green community, such as for the example the European week for waste prevention, the World Environment Day and others, to multiply in time and space the business opportunities for Green Economy companies and cover the relative issues with a regulatory and applicative slant, as always with the support of the Technical Scientific Committee and the association world. A “road map” that will accompany exhibitors, buyers and institutions to the live event in Rimini (Italy), at the leading business destination.

Ecomondo and Key Energy also confirmed their roles as true think tanks, which faced the topics that are currently at the centre of the agendas of all governments and of the entrepreneurial, finance and public administration worlds, i.e. those connected with the European Green Deal, with a unique pro-active and descriptive capacity. As was the case for example with the package of proposals to accelerate the Green transition in Italy that arrived from the States General of the Green Economy and the ANEV manifesto for wind power. Moreover, the participation of the Italian government was also important and qualified, as was the aegis of the European Commission.

With the online Ecomondo events – organized by the Scientific Committee chaired by Professor Fabio Fava  – a precise analysis was carried out of the impact of the pandemic on the various sectors of Italy’s manufacturing industry and natural and constructed heritage. It was carried out with the involvement of the major players of the public and private national and European sectors, Italy’s Ministries, the European Commission and the OECD. Thanks to the “beacon” conferences, action was identified to enable to carry out a systemic inclusive regeneration of Italy’s manufacturing, its cities, natural heritage, soil, water and seas, for a rapid, economic, environmental and social recovery of the country, along with Europe and the Mediterranean area.

At the inaugural session of Key Energy, a survey prepared for the event by Milan Polytechnic’s Energy Strategy Group examined in depth the impact on Italy of the raising of the European targets for the reduction of climate-changing emissions by 2030, from 40 to 55%.  Some possible answers to this new challenge came from the conferences – organized the scientific committee chaired by Professor Gianni Silvestrini – on agrovoltaic projects, Energy Communities and the 110% Ecobonus, as well as from the conferences on hydrogen. There was a particular focus on electric mobility, finally rapidly increasing also in Italy and now a key element for linking mobility and clean energy.