Appointment of Dr. Abdel Bare’ Al Aroussi, as oil Minister

Dr. Abdel Bare’ Ali Al Hadi Al Aroussi was born in Ali in Al Zaweya city in Libya. He obtained the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, then the M.A and the PhD in corrosion science engineering and became a member in the American Society of Corrosion Engineers and the English Institute for Corrosion. Dr. Al Aroussi participated in several training courses in his field of specialization; he also had an active presence in international conferences on protection against corrosion in various countries around the world, and has many scientific papers presented to this conferences.
Dr. Al Aroussi chaired the Libyan Center for Researches and Studies, and was a member of many committees at the time of his work in Sirt Oil Company in Marsa Breca region where was he graded in its work and tasks as an administrator of protection against corrosion programs, missing protection, industrial inspection, artistic presentations, consulting agreements with international companies, training plans’ preparation, technical management, and operations management.

He served as the counselor in the areas of protection against corrosion and industrial paints; he was a member of the Shura Council in Al Zaweya city, a founding member of the Libyan Society for the Environment Friends, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Rahma Domestic Association, and the coordinator of the voluntary cultural committee of Al Zaweya city in the liberation period.

Since November 2011, he served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Manager of Al Khadraa Holding Company which is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Economy and to which twenty companies in various fields are attached.
Dr. Al Aroussi and his family have an honorable striving long history in the struggle against injustice and corruption during the rule of Al Gaddafi, where he – in person – together with his father, brothers and son were subjected to prison and torture sorts during the rule of Muammar Al Gaddafi.