Algeria is willing to support its European partners with additional quantities of gas

European countries expect that Russian gas exports will decline due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, and some of these countries have begun searching for an alternative supplier for gas away from the Russian (Gazprom).

With the growing concern about the possibility of a decline or interruption of Russian gas from the European continent due to the war in Ukraine, the Algerian company for fuels (Sonatrach) expressed its willingness to support its European partners with additional quantities of gas.

The General Manager of the Algerian Hydrocarbons Company “Tawfik Hakkar” says that (Sonatrach) will remain a reliable supplier of natural gas to the European market, and is ready to support its European partners in difficult times.

Hakkar stressed the company’s ability to reach the European gas market in conjunction with the Russian-Ukrainian war, saying that (Sonatrach) has untapped capacities in the Trans-Mediterranean gas pipeline linking Algeria and Italy, and that it can be exploited to increase the volume of supplies to the European market.

He expressed his belief that Sonatrach’s contribution to supplying the European market with gas “could expand to include other countries through liquefied natural gas deals.”

Hakkar adds that Europe constitutes a preferred natural market for Algerian energy products, pointing to Algeria, which contributes about 11% of Europe’s total gas imports. Hakkar praised the historical trade relations between the Algerian Hydrocarbon Company and European partners, “particularly  Spain and Italy.